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  • If you have severe pain in your neck, lower back, or other parts of spine, you should immediately contact our expert chiropractic therapists. We will take care of your pains and provide right treatment facilities.
  • Initial diagnosis is very important to all. When you get an appointment to meet our doctors, we will provide a good physical and neurological examination. In this initial test, we will find your spin problems and their effects.
  • Diagnosis testing will include CT, MRI, and X-ray scans with the electro diagnostic tests. These tests or examinations will help to discover possible contraindications to spine adjustments and some other chiropractic therapies.

We are using several kinds of modalities for our chiropractic treatments. Those modalities are,       

           ❖ Ice or cold therapy
           ❖ TENS (Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation)
           ❖ Spinal manipulation or adjustments
           ❖ Ultrasound

During your first time visit, we will perform physical examination by following all these modalities. If our chiropractors are confirmed that you have affected by anyone of the spine or musculoskeletal pain problems, we will start a therapeutic treatment suitable for you. In some cases, our doctors in this chiropractic clinic will also prescribe certain injections and medications to treat your pain on spine.

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